2015 IA Summer Classes - Modern Web Design & Development, and Data Visualization Using JavaScript

The UNM Information Architects is pleased to announce the 2015 Summer Class Schedule.

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Modern Web Development

Students in this nine hour course, customized for UNM Information Architects, will set up a modern web development environment on their workstation, using GIT as a shared resource repository on the instructor’s workstation in the classroom. The use of a repository to manage a web project provides version control, a history of changes, and makes it easier for developers to collaborate.

The class will demonstrate the use of CSS pre-compilers like SASS and Compass, which make it much easier to manage large quantities of CSS with less repetition and more automation.

Development tools (including Virtual Machines) like Virtualbox, Vagrant, Puppet, Grunt and other task runners will be shown. Virtual Machines (VMs) allow developers to create environments very close to actual web production environments on their own workstation. Web developers may safely experiment, troubleshoot and test changes or updates without impacting their live site. In the VM, a developer may assess the impact of updates to their current code infrastructure before deploying them live.

Prerequisites include familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with exposure to at least one other programming language such as PHP, Ruby, Python, or Java.

Instructor: Jeff Brody has taught Mobile-ready web design and a combined HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery class for the Information Architects’ Summer Classes and has been well-rated by IA students for the last 2 years. Jeff weaves practical exercises and instruction together with an in-depth understanding of web technology. Jeff is a software developer and management consultant with over 25 years experience. Specialties: Strategic Planning, Software development in C++, Java, web technologies such as PHP and MySQL; Windows, Linux.

Course Number C61335, Section SUA-PSU
June 16 (Tues.), June 18 (Thurs.),  June 23 (Tues.)
9 am - 12 noon
UNM Continuing Education, Room TBA

Dashboards: Data Visualization using JavaScript

Students in this nine hour course, customized for UNM Information Architects, will overview how to communicate data in visual displays using JSON, XML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and other JavaScript libraries. Class exercises will demonstrate the process from data import (plain text, CSV, .xlsx, JSON, XML) to visual display in a browser using charting libraries.

The implementation of an easier-to-use library such as Highcharts will be demonstrated in the class. The class will refer students to other libraries or more advanced solutions which require more programming knowledge such as p5.js, Tableau and D3.js, with an explanation of how they are used.

Basic chart output - pie, bar, line will be demonstrated. The use of JavaScript and CSS to manipulate the HTML output to create advanced charts will be shown. (This process of converting data to HTML and manipulation of it with JavaScript and CSS is common to displaying data on the web and a prominent aspect of web development.)

Charting library references will be shared with the class and the students are encouraged to bring their needs for data display to the class for discussion of charting solutions. The discussion may compare the various libraries on their merits, such as ease of use versus features such as multiple visualization options.

Instructor:  Jackson Stakeman is a Multimedia Development Specialist at UNM Extended Learning, with a degree in Cinematic Arts Critical Studies with a Minor in Digital Studies from the University of Southern California.

Course number C65300, Section SUA
July 13 (Mon.), July 15 (Wed.), July 20 (Mon.)
1 pm - 4 pm
George Pearl Hall, UNM Fine Arts Library Computer Lab, 4th Floor

*UNM Tuition Remission is available for this course. The Summer 2015 UNM Tuition Remission benefit for Professional Development is $1,141.00. Both courses may be taken using Tuition Remission without using up the allotted amount!

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