UNM Information Architects Group Charter


  1. To provide a networking opportunity for Information Architects across campus and the community.
  2. To provide a conduit for input on University-wide IT governance issues that relate to information management.

 What is an Information Architect?

This term is generic and broad, and is meant to encompass a wide variety of information workers. These include, but are not limited to: web developers, content providers, marketers, writers, graphic artists, database administrators, database administrators, and systems administrators.

Roles & Responsibilities

The only official rolls in the organization are co-chairs.  The responsibility of the co-chairs are to organize meetings, schedule topics and presentations, ensure communication, ensure minutes for meetings are taken, and guide meetings and discussions.

The co-chairs shall be elected by the group. Elections will take place every other January in even-numbered years and be open to all UNM members of the IA-UNM-L mailing list. The election will be held electronically. Only UNM-affiliated attendees (students, staff, and faculty) can run for the co-chair positions. However, anyone subscribed to the IA Listserv can vote.


Meetings are typically scheduled on the last Wednesday of each month.  Special events may be scheduled as needed.


The meetings are open to all UNM staff, faculty and students. The general public is welcome to attend. Communication and participation are encouraged of all attendees. Professional demeanor is expected from all participants.


Communication for the group is available through the following sources:

  • Listserv:  IA-UNM-L
  • General Meetings.